A message to the Men

It was five months ago that God gave me the blessings of going back to Nigeria to bury my father at eighty-three years. I looked still into the four by seven foot Casket to see my Mentor, my Hero, my earthly all, who taught me about the awesomeness of God, His faithfulness, and the need to always wait on God. Knowing that the blessings that counts and gives you lasting joy is the one from the Lord. There my father was, it is now all over at least on earth for him, but of course bound on eternal glory. I then asked my self this question “what is it about this life?” Why do we force and fight, why the hurry in this life?

To you Men…what is the hurry? What is the impatience about life, when at any moment your material pursuit, your fine trophies of life can all be taken away? Can you therefore learn to wait on God to bring you that wife; yes I know you will say to me Apostle, ‘I thought he who finds a wife gets blessings from the Lord.’ Absolutely, but not every woman that comes across is the blessing. There is also a verse that states, ‘A woman of wisdom is a gift from the Lord.’ Can you trust and wait on God for His blessings to come to you? Have you noticed how you find your selves taking two steps forward in life, only to double six steps backward? Learn to be Patient in life; it is a place of temporary stay without complaint or murmuring while you wait for God, which is endurance. Stop the madness of foolish pride. Your competition should not be with trying to compete with every wind that blows by because within seconds of the wind that passes by, it definitely will cease if it is not of God. And if it is of God, then wait upon the Lord for there is an appointed time and season for you and me.

Walk in humility. It is in humility that God speaks. Through humility humbleness takes root where then, you can begin to hear God directing the things of the spiritual-man. And in this place of being the word of Jesus Christ will make sense to you when He states, “Father not my will oh’ Lord, but yours be done,” and this is the obedience my fellow men.
Be blessed, and encouraged if you do not faint, you will reap.

Apostle Uche


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