Excerpts from “I Hear You…But What is God Saying?”

“…the question is whether all Christians are truly converted people of God. The answer is no.  There are so many who are Christians by association; they love the identification.  They may on occasion visit the church, but they are not in any way repentant in their hearts.  There are also those who are Christians because it has become for them a family tradition.”

“Saints of God, it is what you are willing to give up that reveals your true conversion. Sacrificial commitment cannot occur until the heart is repentant, and once that change of heart occurs then the work of transformation begins to manifest within and around you, whether in secret or in the open.  The true repentance of the believer brings with it spiritual blessings….”

I Hear You…But What is God Saying?

By Apostle E. Uche Nyeche

April 2014


It saddens me to know that many souls will never enter the Kingdom of God for this very reason.  Do you know where you would be if this were to be your last day on earth?


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