Your finger in the Eyes of God

To put your fingers in the eyes of God is to challenge God, or work against His ways, His elect, or become disobedient to the commandment of God. No person, priest, or church gets away with putting their fingers in the eyes of God, to do so is to call on the God of vengeance and His judgment upon oneself. God the Creator will not allow the one who totally rebels against His laws to go without the consequences for their actions. Nations in the past before us have tried without much success; individuals like Nebuchadnezzar did and found out that grazing of the field was not in their best interest before his yielding to the power of the Almighty. Priest who indulged in living an unruly life received the brunt of captivity or worst death; the church, or a person who intentionally chose put their finger in the eyes of God has quickly come to the realization that it is either His way or no way.  God, who is Love, is one who loves us so much He disciplines us when we walk away from the acceptable order.

 Dig a Deeper Well in Me O God

By Apostle E. Uche Nyeche

Sept. 2014

Excerpts from “Dig a Deeper Well in Me O God”


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