Divine Wisdom of the fathers


Humanity is asymmetrical in their views, and is limited in every way. Humanity in their effort cannot understand God through intellect. The phony exercises will not stand the test of time. All that can be done and must be done (if God is ever in it); it must be guided through the Holy Spirit. One called by God indeed operates in ways that upset the norm, and this is why the forward below I identify with greatly.

The wisdom of the fathers

When you have heard the call to be completely transformed into the image of Jesus, He will lead you onto the path of dying and humility. He will make the kind of demands on your obedience, so that you will no longer be able to take other Christians as your guideline, for He may forbid you what He allows other disciples still to do.
The Lord may let others be honoured in public while He lets you grow in seclusion, because He wants to make out of you a chosen fruit that gives an inkling of the aroma of the glory of Christ; such a fruit thrives only in secret. Others may be seen as big and respected by people, but you should remain small. Others may be allowed to work publicly for the Lord in His vineyard and receive their reward for it, while you carry out your inconspicuous work in quiet, without anyone knowing how much you are suffering. To make your work even more precious in His sight, God may even let reap others the praise and honour for work done by you. This will increase your reward tenfold when He comes.
The Holy Spirit will keep His eyes on you with divinely jealous love. He will correct you about seemingly insignificant words or thoughts, or squandered time, while other Christians don’t seem even think to be bothered about it.
Be clear in your mind, that God is an absolute ruler and has the right to deal with His own as He pleases. However much you rack your brain, He will many things of His behaviour with you leave unexplained. Also, He will take you at your word. If you really want to be sold to Him as His slave, He will surround you with His divinely jealous love and may not allow you to do what others may.
It should be settled once and for all, that you only have to do directly with the Holy Spirit. He has the right to tie your tongue or hands, to shut your eyes – and in such a way, He would not do with others.
You are indeed in heaven when you are now filled this way with the living God, so that you can rejoice from the very bottom of your heart over this individual and very personal guidance and rule of the Holy Spirit. (by M. von Brasch)


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