Divine Wisdom of the fathers


Humanity is asymmetrical in their views, and is limited in every way. Humanity in their effort cannot understand God through intellect. The phony exercises will not stand the test of time. All that can be done and must be done (if God is ever in it); it must be guided through the Holy Spirit. One called by God indeed operates in ways that upset the norm, and this is why the forward below I identify with greatly.

The wisdom of the fathers

When you have heard the call to be completely transformed into the image of Jesus, He will lead you onto the path of dying and humility. He will make the kind of demands on your obedience, so that you will no longer be able to take other Christians as your guideline, for He may forbid you what He allows other disciples still to do.
The Lord may let others be honoured in public while He lets you grow in seclusion, because He wants to make out of you a chosen fruit that gives an inkling of the aroma of the glory of Christ; such a fruit thrives only in secret. Others may be seen as big and respected by people, but you should remain small. Others may be allowed to work publicly for the Lord in His vineyard and receive their reward for it, while you carry out your inconspicuous work in quiet, without anyone knowing how much you are suffering. To make your work even more precious in His sight, God may even let reap others the praise and honour for work done by you. This will increase your reward tenfold when He comes.
The Holy Spirit will keep His eyes on you with divinely jealous love. He will correct you about seemingly insignificant words or thoughts, or squandered time, while other Christians don’t seem even think to be bothered about it.
Be clear in your mind, that God is an absolute ruler and has the right to deal with His own as He pleases. However much you rack your brain, He will many things of His behaviour with you leave unexplained. Also, He will take you at your word. If you really want to be sold to Him as His slave, He will surround you with His divinely jealous love and may not allow you to do what others may.
It should be settled once and for all, that you only have to do directly with the Holy Spirit. He has the right to tie your tongue or hands, to shut your eyes – and in such a way, He would not do with others.
You are indeed in heaven when you are now filled this way with the living God, so that you can rejoice from the very bottom of your heart over this individual and very personal guidance and rule of the Holy Spirit. (by M. von Brasch)

When they say

When people say to you, you can’t, tell them I know I can.
How do you know you can?
Tell them God said I can.
When they ask who you think you are?
Tell them I know who I am and whose I am!
A child of the Living God!

Excerpts from “I Hear You…But What is God Saying?”

“…the question is whether all Christians are truly converted people of God. The answer is no.  There are so many who are Christians by association; they love the identification.  They may on occasion visit the church, but they are not in any way repentant in their hearts.  There are also those who are Christians because it has become for them a family tradition.”

“Saints of God, it is what you are willing to give up that reveals your true conversion. Sacrificial commitment cannot occur until the heart is repentant, and once that change of heart occurs then the work of transformation begins to manifest within and around you, whether in secret or in the open.  The true repentance of the believer brings with it spiritual blessings….”

I Hear You…But What is God Saying?

By Apostle E. Uche Nyeche

April 2014


It saddens me to know that many souls will never enter the Kingdom of God for this very reason.  Do you know where you would be if this were to be your last day on earth?

Excerpts from “Dig a Deeper Well in Me O God”

“Before I come to a close in this chapter I want to write to explain what a well is. It is a hole dug down in the earth to the water table. The Webster dictionary defines it as, “underground surface beneath which earth materials, as soil or rock are saturated with water.” Water is a source of life; the first thing created by God, for mankind of which there will not be life without it. The plants will not have life without it; the animals need water for sustenance. The spiritual well I seek is the one that will not be stale or run dry; the well of Jesus, with its water drank I will not thirst again. His power and authority I seek always in renewal from glory to glory.”

A well for safety and permanence is encircled with stone walls, also for beauty. Dig a Deeper Well in me O God is that our God may do something ever so permanent and unique in and within me. And God, let this well in me be so deep that only You my ELOHIM, my God, will know the end of it. God wants us to seek Him ever so constantly.

Hear the words of prophecy from Azariah the son of Oded, to Asa and all Judah, from 2 Chronicles 15:2, “The LORD is with you when you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you.” This is who our God is and much more as you read from the pages of this book. My humble goal and desire is that on that day when I shall return to be with Thee’ all that will be said is “well done my faithful servant” by none other than Him.

If you want God, desire to know Him, and He will know You.


Dig a Deeper Well in Me O God

By Apostle E. Uche Nyeche

Sept. 2014

Your finger in the Eyes of God

To put your fingers in the eyes of God is to challenge God, or work against His ways, His elect, or become disobedient to the commandment of God. No person, priest, or church gets away with putting their fingers in the eyes of God, to do so is to call on the God of vengeance and His judgment upon oneself. God the Creator will not allow the one who totally rebels against His laws to go without the consequences for their actions. Nations in the past before us have tried without much success; individuals like Nebuchadnezzar did and found out that grazing of the field was not in their best interest before his yielding to the power of the Almighty. Priest who indulged in living an unruly life received the brunt of captivity or worst death; the church, or a person who intentionally chose put their finger in the eyes of God has quickly come to the realization that it is either His way or no way.  God, who is Love, is one who loves us so much He disciplines us when we walk away from the acceptable order.

 Dig a Deeper Well in Me O God

By Apostle E. Uche Nyeche

Sept. 2014

Excerpts from “Dig a Deeper Well in Me O God”

For Nigeria

In 2007, The Bible Church of His Will in Nigeria was launched and its door opened, as Sister Church to The Bible Church of His Will, U. S. A. as part of the mandate that we have been charged with.


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Part 1B

Part 1C

Part 2

God is Not a God of Excuses

In our time there are many excuses given as to the reasons why no one should mention the word “Sin.” These excuses given claim that everybody sins, therefore people should be allowed to live whatever life they see fit because it is their life. What’s more, who are we to confront others or tell them how they should live? Some of these people for the defense of their stand take the Scriptures out of context, like Romans 14:13, and Romans 3:10, and John 4. Conveniently, they skip Romans 6:1-23. These incessant debates are all over among the circle of those who claim to have faith in Christ Jesus. But is this true I ask? Various Scriptures show otherwise such as Matthew 18:15-17, Galatians 5:13, 1Thessalonian 4 and Titus 2:11-end. My point is that God still judges sin and holds church leaders accountable for correct teaching on the subject.

To my brothers and sisters around the world, colleagues in faith, and all those who are still searching read and here this; Cain killed his brother, Abel in Genesis 4 but judgment did not end there. God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19:12-29 because of sin. Saffira and Ananias were judged and struck dead by God for the deceitful sin of lying in Acts 5:1-11.

Why would God do this? Because God was setting boundaries of law and order just as in any state in the United States or any other nation on earth have a police force to maintain law and order. These police or law enforcement officers are trained to recognize and respond to acts of rape, murder, pedophilias, drunkenness, or indecent exposures, etc, etc, and are commissioned to keep the public safe. In the same way, ordained church leaders are commissioned to train and teach on spiritual laws that can keep our spiritual life safe from judgment if we follow them. In an effort to maintain law and order in society preventive measures through written rules and laws are set, offenders are punished, and societal moral sanctity preserved.

The Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death in Romans 6:23. The Bible is the moral law for believers and in it is the code of ethics for how they should live. .

Above all, we know that God who is Love is not only of Love, He is God of Justice, Righteousness, Vengeance, Wrath, Forgiveness, Obedience, Holiness, and yes, a God of Truth, and God who hates sin. To love God and not steadfastly walk righteously (not perfect) towards Him in all these areas is living a lie. We cannot always use the excuse of “GOD is LOVE.” God has never made Excuse for sin. We all have the ability to live right if we choose without excuses.

A message to the Men

It was five months ago that God gave me the blessings of going back to Nigeria to bury my father at eighty-three years. I looked still into the four by seven foot Casket to see my Mentor, my Hero, my earthly all, who taught me about the awesomeness of God, His faithfulness, and the need to always wait on God. Knowing that the blessings that counts and gives you lasting joy is the one from the Lord. There my father was, it is now all over at least on earth for him, but of course bound on eternal glory. I then asked my self this question “what is it about this life?” Why do we force and fight, why the hurry in this life?

To you Men…what is the hurry? What is the impatience about life, when at any moment your material pursuit, your fine trophies of life can all be taken away? Can you therefore learn to wait on God to bring you that wife; yes I know you will say to me Apostle, ‘I thought he who finds a wife gets blessings from the Lord.’ Absolutely, but not every woman that comes across is the blessing. There is also a verse that states, ‘A woman of wisdom is a gift from the Lord.’ Can you trust and wait on God for His blessings to come to you? Have you noticed how you find your selves taking two steps forward in life, only to double six steps backward? Learn to be Patient in life; it is a place of temporary stay without complaint or murmuring while you wait for God, which is endurance. Stop the madness of foolish pride. Your competition should not be with trying to compete with every wind that blows by because within seconds of the wind that passes by, it definitely will cease if it is not of God. And if it is of God, then wait upon the Lord for there is an appointed time and season for you and me.

Walk in humility. It is in humility that God speaks. Through humility humbleness takes root where then, you can begin to hear God directing the things of the spiritual-man. And in this place of being the word of Jesus Christ will make sense to you when He states, “Father not my will oh’ Lord, but yours be done,” and this is the obedience my fellow men.
Be blessed, and encouraged if you do not faint, you will reap.

Apostle Uche